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                20 Jul 2020

                SCAMP Study Findings: Teens, Social Media, and Wellbeing

                We recently published some research using SCAMP data. A summary of this research is below along with researcher contact details and a link to the full paper. We have recently conducted some research using the SCAMP study data into...

                03 May 2019

                SCAMP study findings – Screen time before bed and quality of sleep


                20 Jul 2018

                Jacob’s experience in SCAMP team

                I had the pleasure of spending a week working with the SCAMP team from the 16th to 20th July. Over the course of the week, I got to visit a range of secondary schools in London and record anthropometric...

                20 Jul 2018

                1st round follow-up data collection completed

                The first round of follow-up data collection ended in July, 2018. Great thanks for all SCAMP schools, parents and pupils!

                23 May 2018

                SCAMP wins award for public engagement

                The SCAMP Team were awarded the Athena Swan Award for Public Engagement from the Imperial College London School of Public Health. The Public Engagement Award recognised SCAMP as a team that has undertaken high-quality engagement activities with members of...

                08 Mar 2018

                We’re still looking for people to take part in our Personal Monitoring sub-study!

                If you go to a SCAMP school and are in year 9 or 10, SCAMP needs you! Please email SCAMP@imperial.ac.uk if you are interested in taking part (with your parents’ permission!). As a thank you for participating, we’ll send...

                28 Feb 2018

                SCAMP STUDY FINDINGS: Exposure Validation

                We recently published some research using SCAMP data. Here is a summary of this research paper: Mobile phone use, predominantly smartphones, is almost universal amongst both adults and children. However adults and children have different usage patterns. A major...

                25 Jul 2017

                Study Progress Update

                We have now done one year of follow up. One down, one to go! So far we have visited 22 schools – a huge thank you to everyone who has taken part so far!

                10 Oct 2016

                Follow-up starts

                We are now starting follow-up data collection with pupils in year 9. We are looking forward to going back into schools and seeing our SCAMPers again two years later!

                21 Jul 2016

                Baseline data collection completed

                The first half of the study (with year 7 pupils) ended in July 2016. We will commence follow-up with the same pupils (now in year 9) at the beginning of the next academic year.